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KJ66 Model Jet Engine Shaft

KJ66 Model Jet Engine Shaft

Price: 67.00 / 81.74


Model Jet Engine Shaft
Our Standard shaft fits the KJ66 engine but we can
machine the shaft to your design requirements.

Manufacturing a jet engine shaft is not a simple task and we have spent a considerable amount of time developing a suitable process that will produce components to the required precision and standard.
Anyone who has tried to machine a jet engine shaft, or any component, to the tolerances and surface finish required for these shafts will know that it is not possible as a machining operation. The only method that can be used to finish these components is precision grinding.

Our manufacturing Process (See the images below)
We start with oversized stock. This is important as the surface layers of most stock has different mechanical properties to the bulk of the material.

The stock is then turned to an oversized shaft profile blank with extensions to allow finishing in a single operation.

The blank is heat cycled to 430C and down to ambient over a 12 hour period. This is repeated 12 times in order to remove all internal stresses to ensure a very stable finished componet that will maintain its finished tolerance.

The shaft is then precision ground to very fine tolerances in a single operation using a precision cylindrical grinder and temperature controlled coolant to ensure a very high degree of accuracy. The use of coolant is essential to produce the required surface finish and to avoid component heating which will adversely affect the accuracy of the final component.
This method of manufacture provides a very high quality finish to extremely close tolerances and also ensures very accurate concentricity of all shaft sections, Typically within 0.001mm.

Following grinding we polish the shafts to provide an even higher precision surface finish to facilitate easier assembly.

Accuracy is checked to 0.001mm at a defined temperature.

Typical accuracy is
+/- 0.002mm for bearing seats
+/- 0.01mm for non critical areas such as the main shaft section.
+/- 0.002mm for compressor wheel section.
+/- 0.001mm or better concentricity of all shaft sections.
+/- 0.0001mm or better roundness

Shaft Dimensions
Compressor end threaded section (Left hand M6) 15mm
Compressor section 23.8mm x 7.003mm diameter
Compressor end bearing section 9.3mm x 7.997mm diameter
Turbine end bearing section 21mm x 7.996mm diameter
Centre section 86.9mm 14.51mm diameter tapered both ends at 4 degrees to 12mm diameter
Turbine end threaded section (Left hand M6) 9mm

The final sizes for the shaft bearing sections are specifically checked to ensure that they suit the use of ceramic full complement bearings to allow assembly without damage to the bearings while providing the required accuracy.

The shafts are machined from high grade, high strength tool steel.
The threads are Left hand M6 threads for both Compressor and Turbine ends.

If you are using a different compressor wheel and need a shaft with different dimensions then please contact us.

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